Current projects

1) Tenebrionidae - taxonomy, distribution, phylogeny

My favourite research topic is systematic study of the family Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera). As this is a huge beetle family, I chose to specialize in smaller groups – tribes Adelostomini and Cnodalonini.  However, to get as comprehensive knowledge as possible, I collect species from all over the world. Besides, I am also currently interested in darkling beetles faunistic in Yemen (including Socotra Island) and adjacent areas – see “Biodivesity research” below.


For detailed description of my „tenebrionid activities” please see “Tenebrionidae” section.


2) Biodiversity research

Diversity of invertebrates, with special emphasis on insects, is a matter of great concern of our entomological team. Our work is currently (from 2009) directed at study of insects in Yemen, especially those on Socotra Island. These activities, conducted in collaboration with leading experts in entomology, had led to the discovery of dozens insect species new to science.  Descriptions of these species are now in preparation and we expect to find further new species in the course of our research.


3) Ecology and behaviour of ground beetles (Carabidae)

This part of my research activities focuses on the ecology and behaviour of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae), especially in forest ecosystems. I study the mechanisms of how carabid beetles respond to variable factors in their environment, particularly heavy metals. I also try to reveal general accumulation models of heavy metals in bodies of ground beetles.


4) Ecology and population dynamics of small terrestrial mammals

I have participated in projects that focus on the ecology and population dynamics of small terrestrial mammals in forest ecosystems. Our research also aims to determine the impact of herbivores on saplings in tree plantations of mountain, highland and lowland areas. These projects are realized in collaboration of our department and the Institute of Vertebrate Biology (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).